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Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #316 – Stop lying to yourself!

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In this week’s Weekly Wisdom, Dean wants to discuss why he thinks it is TRULY time to stop lying to ourselves.

Yep, you heard that right… lying to ourselves.

And look, it’s something everyone does… many people unknowingly.

But it’s something we need to seriously work on, something we need to cut from our daily habits immediately…

So watch this week’s Weekly Wisdom and hear what Dean has to say about “Lying to ourselves”

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #304 – Whats your excuse?

Excuses not only creep in, they can DESTROY the life you DESERVE!!

But NEVER again after this week’s video.

Last week Dean said “you can’t afford to miss this video” and he was right, wasn’t he?! Dean Graziosi

This week is no different… Don’t miss this.

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Increase Your Investment Knowledge Through a Scott Yancey Real Estate Seminar, for Scott Yancey real estate seminars in your local area.

When it comes to real estate events Scott Yancey, a lot of us think that only those who know nothing about real estate should come. This is totally wrong, however. Real estate, just like any other business, continuously evolves.

Therefore, as someone working in the real estate field, you should make sure that you update your skills and knowledge about the business. Participating in various real estate events is one of the best things you can do, especially if you want to become a smarter investor.

The Scott Yancey event is one of the real estate events you should not miss. It is not only for people who want to become a real estate investor. It is also for investors who have been doing real estate deals for quite a while now but want to further enrich their investing knowledge and skills.

Scott Yancey is a successful real estate investor, an entrepreneur, a TV host, a motivational speaker, and a book author. He has written several books about real estate. He created the Scott Yancey real estate training events to help those people who want to earn money through real estate investing.

Donna Hainstock is one of the participants of the Scott Yancey event. She said that the event was almost overwhelming with all the great knowledge that she was given. There is a lot of information and being new in the business, you will surely be overwhelmed by the quantity of information being shared to you.

Just like many others, money is her motivation for coming to the event. There is great opportunity in the real estate industry. You can be successful provided you know how to invest the right way. When asked about the advice she would give to someone thinking of coming to the event, her answer was, “If they are really interested in it, they should be here.”

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Expand Your Knowledge Of The Commercial Housing Market Using These Informative Tips

Many Americans are worried regarding the current commercial real estate market. In past times, many considered that it absolutely was a smart investment market, however, these days individuals are shying clear of it. The next article has several tips to help you out if you are searching to purchase the actual market or although you may yourself can be a homeowner. Success Path Seminars

A significant tip to consider with rental real estate property is basically that you want to make sure you have a good feel for your tenants before renting out to them. This is significant as you not just need to plan as best it is possible to for a way long they plan on renting, but in addition when they will make payments promptly and treat your premises well. Treat the meeting like a job interview and treat your premises such as a prize.

Some apartments feature a garage. Measure it prior to deciding to rent the apartment to be certain your oversized SUVs or get trucks fit inside. Maybe you have only one additional parking space besides your garage and you will see no room to park your extra long vehicle. Create the necessary arrangements with all the management before you decide to rent as it might be impossible to treat the problem later.

Search for financing prior to deciding to concern yourself with finding property to get. You can expect to be unable to know things to search for unless you know what amount of cash you are able to borrow. Find a loan provider or perhaps a private lender that is certainly considering any project and begin a budget using them.

Ask your leasing agent regarding the company’s policy about returning your security deposit. Some companies will deduct cleaning costs, tear and wear whatever the condition of your respective apartment whenever you move out. Have got a clear picture in regards to the fate of the deposit prior to signing the lease, as you might lose a lot of money whenever you move out.

When purchasing commercial real-estate, you have to buy the particular property that suits your needs and interests. Once you know that you will be not into doing repairs then the best choice is always to invest in a property that is certainly in better condition, You can get a fixer-upper when you are one of those folks that can appreciate a great project.

If you are buying commercial property, it is far better to buy more because it is cheaper per unit. Why check out the bother to acquire a property which includes only 10 units, not to mention, jumping through hoops to have financing? Because you are undergoing a lot already, you may also get it done for the much bigger property.

If you are looking at a particular commercial real-estate listing, and also you come into connection with an individual who is in the house – be sure to determine if they are a realtor or an employee of your owner of the property. It can protect the interests you possess from the property.

Relationships with lenders and investors will always be important, yet doubly important when attempting purchasing commercial investments. You usually have to get and assist partners as nary the average individual is able to afford millions of plus investment independently. Relationships and networking are incredibly important in finding commercial investment properties, because they typically aren’t indexed in the way that residential properties is going to be.

It absolutely was revealed on this page that commercial real estate property can be a good investment, even during a down market. By studying the data within the article and finding out how to make wise choices, you could find how the over-saturated housing market, can be the right time to buy that commercial property that you may have always wanted.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Home

Buying real estate property is definitely an exhilarating and frustrating time. Should you be nervous about buying a home simply because you don’t feel like you understand enough concerning the process Success Path, keep reading. This article has assembled a great deal of great information for you on making and getting the best offer.

Real estate market is a dangerous sea for an amateur to navigate: consider acquiring expert assistance. A great agent can have an exponential effect on the final results you get out of buying or selling property. Besides their knowledge of the field, realtors have access to information and research tools beyond the ones that the homeowner can utilize.

Don’t allow the decor or minor cosmetic issues stop you from buying what can otherwise become the perfect dream home. Simple home improvements like repainting, changing (or just cleaning)carpeting, or upgrading fittings and tiling, could turn something you find ugly, into something which feels like it was actually a custom made home simply for you.

An 80/20 loan may be the answer to your issue if you cannot seem to create the amount of money for a down payment on a home. This is where you take out a mortgage loan to fund 80 % of your home plus an additional loan to pay other 20 percent.

If you are planning on purchasing lots of real-estate as being an investor, consider taking some classes or reading up on the subject. Although you don’t want to get a license yourself, it will help you to understand the process better and be ready for the pros and cons in the market.

Your debt, credit ranking, the sort of mortgage you select as well as the current interest rates will all play a crucial role when you visit apply for a mortgage. These will all determine, as well as your income and funds on hand, how much cash a lender will provide you with to get a residence.

Prior to buying a home, have a very good friend observe the house and tour the area mainly because they may see items you don’t. With all the current excitement and stress of getting a brand new home it’s easy to get carried away and miss things. Having trusted eyes evaluate your property, the area and also other factors personally connected to it is possible to avoid serious problems down the road.

To help you buy or sell real estate you must obtain an agent that you can trust. Checking online reviews and talking to past clients is a terrific way to discover what other people who have seen working with the him or her have contemplated the entire experience.

The real estate marketplace is with a roller coaster ride right now, and it’s important to actually abide by it closely when purchasing a property. Follow real estate price trends of each area you’re considering. Make certain that the real estate values are stable before forking over your life savings for a house.

So now that you know a little more concerning the home shopping process, you may use these tips and nuggets of knowledge to become pro buyer very quickly. Real estate property purchases don’t have to be scary, it’s exactly about whatever you know and getting the confidence to create the right moves.

Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #317 – What is happiness?

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In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean discusses why it’s SO important to find your purpose… to find your happiness.

Dean wants to discuss what drives you… what motivates you… what makes you want to be a better person… and ultimately how you can be THAT person.

So watch this week’s video, and listen to Dean’s very important message.

Easy Strategies To Improve Your Finance Management Techniques

A collection of guidelines on how to begin enhancing your personal finances makes the perfect starting place for a beginner to hopefully begin improving their own finances. Below is very collection that may hopefully help the eager novice into eventually becoming smarter when it comes to personal finances. Tai Lopez

Hear logic, not emotion keep calm and get away from making decisions on account of panic or excessive excitement. Beginning from small accounts can help you to keep emotions under control. Should you keep the cool when you make decisions, you will get no trouble after the initial plan consistently and meeting the goals you determine for yourself.

Selling some household items which are never used or that you can do without, can produce a little extra cash. These items can be sold in a variety of ways including a number of online sites. Free classifieds and auction websites offer many choices to transform those unused items into extra money.

Start saving funds in a regular bank account. It won’t help your credit score today, but it will provide you with the safety to handle concerns that may arise. Lacking a savings is the thing that causes plenty of accounts to go into default. Be sure to cans survive temporary conditions that may make a good emergency savings account.

Whether you keep an eye on your own personal finances online or in writing, it is quite important to review your general situation each and every month. Seek out any unexpected variations in your debts, shortfalls within your credits, or irregularities within the dates that money changes hands. Noting these changes and comprising them is a major part of staying in addition to your financial situation.

Look into your investments. If it’s been quite some time as you did any financial shifting of assets, it could be time to achieve that. With all the variations in the economy, what had been a great safe bet, and what accustomed to earn plenty of interest each year, is different.

Be sure to spend less money than you get. It’s so simple to place our everyday items onto credit cards because we merely can’t afford it right then but that is the learn to disaster. When you can’t afford it right then, go without one before you can.

Get hold of your credit card company and have them lower the limit on the visa or mastercard. This can help both of you fold. First, it keeps from overextending yourself and spending over you must. Second, it sends a message on the bank card company that you’re being responsible if you make sure you can’t overextend yourself.

If you are intending to adopt a youngster, undertake it this current year. Government entities has produced a bigger tax break for those individuals who elect to adopt. It is not just for special cases, but all adoptions. This tax break could even be refunded should you don’t owe any taxes.

Well, hopefully the previously mentioned assortment of tips were enough to give you an incredible begin what to do and expect when it comes to enhancing your personal finances. This collection was carefully constructed to be a helpful resource to be able to start to hone your budgeting skills into boosting your personal finances.

Weekly Wisdom #401 – Future Proofing Your Life…

What is a scarcity mindset? I use this term so often to describe the frame of mind that may be holding you back from that next level of life, but what is it exactly?

A scarcity mindset is essentially a frame of thought drenched in negativity. It’s thinking that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. It’s thinking the American dream is dead, it’s thinking this presidential election is going to ruin us all Dean Graziosi, it’s fearing that robots are going to take over your job, it’s all of those negative; glass half empty, thoughts that bring you down on a daily basis.

But what if I had a way to get you to never look at life through a scarcity mindset ever again… Would you listen?

Because here’s what I have come to discover… There is a way to FUTURE PROOF your life, so that none of this outside craziness in the world can even bother you…

…And that’s the secret I am revealing in one of y most powerful Weekly Wisdom’s this week!

Watch now!

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Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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Weekly Wisdom #324 – Dilemma of Lack of Time

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From Dean Graziosi: In the brand new Weekly Wisdom video I just posted, I tackle the paralyzingly modern day dilemma of “Lack of Time”. The number 1 reason most people say that they can’t achieve success!!

When we think of “not having enough time” we think of the clock just ticking away and not giving us enough hours to accomplish our goals…

But have you ever considered a different sort of time that’s stopping you dead in your tracks? Something I call emotional time…

Go watch the brand new video and my bet is you WILL NEVER look at time the same way again.

Weekly Wisdom #386 – Are you taking the RIGHT action…?

How would you like to live the same day over and over again?

Sounds kind of boring doesn’t it? Sounds almost down right scary to me!

Well I know this to be true… So many people out there are going through life

living the same day over and over and over again…

And why? Why is this happening?

Because they aren’t taking the RIGHT action on the RIGHT things on a daily


They aren’t thinking with the mindset of “I need to do what I need to do

to make my life the life I’ve always dreamed of”! In other words… people

get complacent!

So how do you break complacency, change up your routine of living the same day

over and over and then find the life of your dreams? I’ll show you in this

week’s Weekly Wisdom!

Watch now!

And also, as I mentioned in this week’s Weekly Wisdom, to get two of my

best-selling books for free, go to

Enjoy this wisdom and have a great week!

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